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Procedure Marketing

Marketing Cosmetic Dentistry (Or Implants, Or Dental Sleep Medicine....)

Once we understand your growth strategy, the next logical step is to begin developing the plan of action that will help you accomplish your goals. 

More often than not, your dental internet marketing plan won’t just try to promote your office as a whole -- rather, part of your focus will be on the dental procedures that deliver the greatest revenue growth and/or professional satisfaction to your practice.

But how do you go about marketing specific dental procedures? And how can you be sure that your efforts are working?

OnwardDental provides both a guiding strategy and in-depth analysis to ensure that your procedure marketing translates into more of those types of cases actually being treated.

How Does OnwardDental’s Procedure Marketing Work?

Our procedure marketing plan begins with the introductory coaching call, in which we gain an understanding of your goals and vision for growing your dental practice -- including the specific procedures you wish to promote. We take a look at what your competition is doing, examine your website and Google analytics, and then use this information to develop a marketing plan tailored to your specific needs.

For example, as part of your growth strategy, you might have recently hired an oral surgeon so you could expand your service offerings. To promote this, we might then focus on wisdom teeth as part of your dental SEO marketing. New content highlighting the benefits of wisdom teeth removal could be added to your website landing pages. Or maybe you are trying to perform more dental implants. We can conduct a PPC campaign that highlights this procedure.

It’s one thing to enact these campaigns, but it’s quite another to make sure they are delivering the results you need. A key part of OnwardDental’s dental marketing services is our intuitive dashboard, which allows us to regularly review your office analytics to see if a marketing campaign is translating into more production from these targeted procedures.

How Will This Grow My Dental Practice?

It comes down to fixed cost vs. variable cost. In most dental practices, your fixed costs (such as rent and basic staffing) are already paid. This means that with incremental growth, you will only need to worry about paying variable costs. As a result, your incremental profit becomes much higher! By performing higher revenue-per-hour procedures, you will directly affect both your production and your bottom line.

Here’s what makes OnwardDental different. Traditional dental marketing agencies focus on things like “clicks” -- whether or not people have visited your website or clicked on a PPC ad. But clicks don’t always transfer into more revenue at the office.

Your dental coach is aiming for much more than online clicks, and as such, we’ll continue to take deep dives into your numbers to help you figure out whether procedure marketing is helping you gain new patients, new production, and increased professional satisfaction!

In some cases, marketing might get new patients in the door, but outdated business practices or other in-office issues could prevent them from accepting treatment. In other instances, your marketing campaign may need to be adjusted to account for a bigger marketing push (competition) from your area’s “alpha” practice.

With the help of your dental coach, you’ll be able to identify any issues that are keeping your dental internet marketing from being as effective as it could be. By looking at the big picture -- the story behind the numbers -- your coach will help you develop an actionable procedure marketing solution that delivers more patients who accept treatment in your area(s) of focus.


Want to learn more about how OnwardDental can help you improve your procedure marketing and grow your practice? Contact us today to find out how we can make a difference!


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