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Dental Dashboard

Business Intelligence in Dentistry

Information is everything these days, and this is just as true of dentistry as it is of other industries. There are countless pieces of information that can affect the growth of your dental practice from the cost of acquiring new patients and the effectiveness of dental internet marketing to ensuring improved hygiene growth and case acceptance.

 Of course, the sheer number of data points that inundate your office can be overwhelming. How do you make the most of this information? How do you turn a series of numbers into actionable insights that will help you implement the best dental marketing techniques and improve your practice’s business processes and growth?

With a dental dashboard from OnwardDental, you’ll get the insights you need to make smarter business decisions and grow your dental practice.

How Will a Dental Dashboard Benefit Your Practice?

With a dental dashboard, you won’t merely be able to see what’s happening. You’ll also be able to understand why. Have you experienced a recent drop in practice production? Is it because your new patient numbers or case acceptance rates are down? Has hygiene not been staying busy? Is your procedure marketing not working? With a dental dashboard that tracks your KPIs, you’ll be able to get a clear picture as to what is contributing to your successes and challenges. 

Without a dashboard, you might never identify the underlying issues that are causing your dental office to flounder -- and as a result, you’ll only fall farther behind the competition. 

With quality business intelligence in hand, however, you can act with confidence as you take the necessary steps to track your progress and improve your business, be that investing in dental coaching to help your office staff better implement business systems (such as internal marketing) or making adjustments to your dental marketing tactics.

By consistently measuring and analyzing important metrics related to the growth of your dental practice, you’ll be better equipped to carry out well-informed decisions that will allow you to get ahead and stay ahead of your competition.

What Does Our Dental Dashboard Do?

At OnwardDental, we integrate data from your practice management system with various marketing and operational metrics. Rather than automating this process like other companies do, we manually enter the data to ensure that everything makes sense. By manually entering data into our dashboard, we can catch when something doesn’t look right, while also enjoying the ability to work with almost any practice management system.

After manually entering the data, our dental dashboard doesn’t simply throw out a hard-to-read spreadsheet filled with numbers. Rather, our system visually demonstrates trends, and then we analyze the data and present it to you during our coaching calls. This allows the data to be actionable, placing it in context so we can use it as part of the decision-making process to help improve your business systems and marketing. 

Our dental dashboard focuses on a select group of key performance indicators (KPIs) -- areas that we have determined are the most important to your practice’s success. Are you improving your recall and case acceptance percentages? What are your current production trends? Are you performing more of procedures that you want? Are you collecting money from your patients in a timely manner?

Our dental dashboard will allow you to see how certain areas of your business are helping -- or hurting -- your ability to achieve your most important goals by organizing data and presenting relevant information in an easy-to-read format. A dental dashboard helps you compare current results against past performance and project future trends.

While there are other dental dashboards out there, they don’t provide the actionability and value OnwardDental has to offer -- nor can they take direct action on your behalf like we do. By linking information from our dashboard system with our marketing and coaching expertise, we’ll help you achieve better results than ever before!


Want to learn more about how OnwardDental’s dental dashboard and coaching can help you grow your practice? Contact us today to find out more about what we do. 

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