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Online Pay-Per-Click Advertising

What is Pay Per Click (PPC) for Dentists?

For a root canal procedure, you need sealers and instruments. To manage a successful business, you need efficient operations. To run an effective advertising campaign, you need the proper knowledge and processes. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be an integral part of your marketing strategy—if it’s done right. If left in the wrong hands, it can become an expensive experiment that generates few results.

PPC advertising involves placing ads in search engines and on social media (Google and Facebook Ads are the most common)—aiming to draw interest from prospective patients. For each click that an ad receives, a small fee is paid. Ad placement should focus on prospective patients who are searching for the dental services you provide, targeting those who are most likely to follow-through with treatment (i.e. their intent to buy). 

Results are often seen immediately with PPC advertising, making it an attractive marketing approach, particularly because it complements slower-paced SEO work. Gaining online traction with SEO is effective but tends to take much more time. Various platforms offer PPC advertising to their audiences. OnwardDental is well-versed in knowing where ads will perform the best—ensuring they are only placed where the potential return-on-investment (ROI) is highest.

When PPC ads are aligned with the right keywords and your target audience, your dental practice website may appear as a convenient choice for prospective patients—driving a higher ROI on each click.

Results-driven PPC advertising

When PPC advertising is executed intentionally—and with measured results—increased business is cultivated, leading to patient conversions that pay off. PPC ads generate exceptional results when they:

●      Properly use negative keywords

●      Involve geographic criteria, ensuring only relevant local searchers see the ad

●      Optimize the quality score (i.e. the quality and relevance of keywords) with a great "landing" page

●      Factor in the prospective buyer’s intent for conversion

●      Are executed in tandem with other dental marketing strategies, like Dental SEO

A well-managed PPC ad campaign gets you seeing results fast and aligns with your overall dental marketing strategy.

Integrating PPC advertising with other dental marketing strategies

While PPC advertising can be a solo strategy, results are amplified when integrated with your dental marketing strategies at-large. We suggest a PPC approach that connects directly with your dental marketing SEO and increases your overall presence in SERPs. When PPC ads are integrated into your overall SERP strategy, it will have a larger impact on how easily and how often your dental practice website is found by new prospective patients.

Why OnwardDental?

Unlike other dental marketing firms, OnwardDental takes the time to get to know your business and your desired outcomes. The focus is on both marketing and practice growth. We know what to market, what business processes are needed to optimize your marketing ROI, and how to adjust along the way.

Rather than selling marketing services transactionally, we aim for long-term results that allow you to grow your practice and your bottom line.

As PPC advertising experts, we:

●      Optimize ad placement on search engines and social media

●      Decrease cost-per-click by targeting the right keywords and audience

●      Use negative keywords, mobile adjustments, and other important PPC techniques.

●      Monitor both marketing and business level results

●      Amplify your online presence to attract new patients

●      Adjust marketing efforts based on real numbers and metrics

●      Use negative keywords, mobile adjustments, etc

If you’re in a local market dominated by competitors, an OnwardDental PPC campaign can set you apart and get you seeing results fast.

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