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Dental Marketing Strategy

The Best Dental Marketing Starts With A Plan

Every dental practice wants to see its business continue to expand -- but do you know what it takes to develop the best dental marketing strategy for your specific office? Do you understand how to implement a marketing campaign that will help you achieve your growth goals?

 From developing a growth plan to determining which advertising techniques will bring you the best results, there are many areas you need to consider to craft an effective campaign. If you’re not diligent and prepared, your marketing efforts could actually generate a negative return-on-investment.

OnwardDental can help ensure that your marketing efforts help you achieve your practice’s growth goals, while allowing you to adapt to any challenges that occur along the way.

What Goes Into OnwardDental’s Marketing Strategies?

To ensure that your dental advertising efforts deliver results that will sustainably grow your dental practice, our dental coaching starts by formulating a strategy for your specific needs. We establish your baseline for various key performance indicators and determine which series of steps will be necessary to ensure that you achieve your milestones. 

There are a number of ways to grow your production. OnwardDental will conduct an in-depth analysis to determine what mix of actions will help you get there, be it increasing your active patient base through hygiene, expanding your hours, or getting more production per operatory. We can even help you find ways to optimize your PPO participation for higher reimbursement.

 In addition, we will take a look at your local competition to determine what might work best for you based on your market. We examine the competition’s reputation and their marketing tactics to find the best channels and messaging to improve your new patient acquisition rate.

This competitive analysis and your overall growth strategy are then used to inform our marketing strategy. By understanding what type of growth your dental business can handle, we can then determine what kind of budget you should devote to your dental advertising, as well as where it should be spent -- both online and offline.

How Will This Benefit My Practice?

Well-crafted dental marketing strategies take a “big picture” approach to ensure that you are able to get repeatable, sustainable results.

By paying attention to the groundwork that goes into marketing research and growth planning, OnwardDental will help you take the proper steps to ensure that you get a positive dental marketing ROI. We’ll deliver the right message to the right people at the right time so you can stand out from your competition and make the most of your marketing budget.

Or course, it wouldn’t do much good to get an influx of low-value patients that do nothing to improve your profitability. Nor would it help to get so many new patients that your service quality drops. We help you combine quality marketing with a business system built around case acceptance so that your team has all the tools necessary to handle business growth.

 Our dental marketing services don’t stop with helping you form an initial campaign, either. By continuing to measure the results that are delivered from various marketing channels and adjusting your strategy when necessary, we’ll put you in a better position to keep bringing high-value patients through your doors.


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