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Dental Case Acceptance

Getting Your Dental Patients To Accept Treatment

While a significant portion of your patients probably only plan on scheduling semi-annual hygiene appointments, getting them to accept other necessary treatments -- such as crowns, bridgework, or dental implants -- is essential for driving sustainable growth and profitability for your dental business. Improving your dental case acceptance should be a key part of your dental marketing strategy. It doesn’t just tie in closely with your procedure marketing -- it also impacts your dental practice’s reputation. After all, a patient that accepts treatment is much more likely to refer your practice and provide a great online review!

Improving your dental case acceptance rate is not always easy, however, especially if a procedure will exceed a patient’s insurance benefits or will need to be paid out of pocket. But getting patients to accept these treatments is how you will ultimately maximize your dental internet marketing and all the other investments you made in your practice. For example, did you buy a Cerec machine? You will certainly want to increase the number of crowns you perform to generate a good return-on-investment (ROI).

With the help of OnwardDental’s coaching, you and your team will have the system and training necessary to improve your dental case acceptance rate.

How Does OnwardDental Help?

With marketing initialized, our dental business coaching then helps you implement a business system which allows your team to gain a better understanding of where you stand in terms of case acceptance for larger cases -- as well as how you can improve. OnwardDental will start by providing training for your front desk and offering template solutions to help your practice get a running start.

In addition to training and templates for your front office staff, OnwardDental can also help the doctor understand techniques that they can use themselves to boost case acceptance. It’s a team effort! Results are then tracked using our dental dashboard to ensure that improvement is taking place.

How Will This Improve Your Practice’s Case Acceptance?

One way is the Hawthorne effect, a behavioral model that has long been observed in the field of psychology. Essentially, when behavior and results are observed, they are far more likely to improve. The knowledge that certain numbers are being tracked encourages changes in your team’s behavior to improve those numbers (in this case - higher case acceptance.

Another way, is that the staff training and the provision of helpful dental business systems will also help your office overcome one of the other major hurdles facing dental case acceptance: follow-up. By tracking and improving your patient outreach methods you’ll be better able to ensure that return patients don’t slip through the cracks.

When you and your staff are able to take the proper steps to improve your case acceptance, you’ll be able to maximize your marketing investment with return patients and make it that much easier to grow your dental practice with the procedures that truly contribute to your bottom line.

OnwardDental’s system helps your team help you, and helps the patient get the treatment that they need!

Want to learn more about how OnwardDental’s dental coaching can help you improve your dental case acceptance rates? Contact us today to find out how we can make a difference!

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